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Review by Ian Marshall

I visited this place around 6 years ago on my first trip to Chiang Mai because this is one of the most established places on the nightlife map here.

I don’t think it has changed all that much in that time, although according to the menu it has gone through numerous owners in that time from all over the world – hence the name which reflects the fact that it isn’t entirely “Irish” in its heredity.

I was drawn back in here this time around for one of their massive breakfasts, complete with real bacon, sausages, HP Sauce and bubble and squeak. The sort of stuff you can’t find that often in Thailand. Of course it comes at a bit of a price but it is certainly worth it for that experience, sitting with the Sunday papers and indulging in coffee refills.

I’ve sat in their shady garden for a pie as well and was impressed by the size, consistency of filling and pastry – a solid pie all in all…!

The rest of their food seems a bit hit and miss. Although my experience of this comes from the Thursday night pub quiz which is a lot of fun but rather busy so perhaps food standards slip a little. The quiz offers drinks and cash prizes and we won a jug of beer for our inspired team name “Fat Kids Never get Kidnapped”. It is great fun and well worth a night out. I just wish they had some decent beer on tap because their Guinness isn’t that great and is expensive but if they had a nice bitter I’d be all over it.

They have a bakery here making fresh cakes and bread each day, although we found their cakes a bit heavy.

It does advertise itself as a sports bar and it has to be said that they show a wide range of events on their different satellite feeds. From the English Premier League Football to Wrestling, Baseball and cage fighting they really cover all the bases.

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