Whats on Yangon

Whats on Yangon

Review by Becky

Our family is in Chiang Mai over the holidays. We know lots of Yangonites go to Chiang Mai, also, so thought it worthwhile to write a few reviews of places we visit while on vacation.

One of our first stops was the well-known UN Irish Pub.The place is easy to find and we were happy to see the Brit-friendly menu items. The menu also offered an extensive selection of international fare including American breakfasts and Thai food on offer. Our daughter ordered the potato and cheese croquettes, while I couldn’t pass up a Cornish pastie. My husband felt excited to dive into his Steak and Guinness pie.

The croquettes were great and I kept wishing I had ordered some for myself. They were perfectly cripsy on the outside with yummy, oozing cheese. The Cornish pastie’s filling was quite nice with tender meat and potato. It was seasoned perhaps a bit too much, but I didn’t really mind. The down side was that I think the pastie had been warmed up in the microwave instead of in the oven because the crust was quite soft. It came with mash and gravy: both of which were good. Unfortunately, my husband’s pie experience wasn’t what he expected. He said, “I’m sorry. It tastes strange…like moldy bread.” Oh, dear…

Staff were very friendly and efficient. The place was clean and I could see why it is such a popular place with regular events scheduled (check out their website listed below the review). It certainly caters to a lot of sports fans, too, as there was an American football game on the telly.

While we waited for our food, we enjoyed the free wifi and the opportunity to browse the many international photo copied newspapers. We learned that though the original pub was owned by an Irish woman and her Thai husband, it is now owned by three partners: an Australian, a Thai, and a Kiwi.

It was a pleasant experience, but since there are so many places to try in Chiang Mai, we probably won’t be back on this trip…unless I get a strong hankering for those potato and cheese croquettes!

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