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Chiang Mai Expats Club Chiang Mai Expats Club Logo
The Chiang Mai Expats Club aims to help expats expand friendships and improve their quality of life here. We try to serve the community of foreigners by making it easier to understand the laws, language and lifestyle needs of our members and guests. Through the actions of our members and committees, with meetings each and every month, we strive to ease you into Chiang Mai culture by liaising with immigration and law enforcement officials, medical and insurance providers, business and property services and more.
Link to Chiang Mai Expats Club Website Location: Currently meeting at Le Meridian Hotel

Chiang Mai Friends Group Chiang Mai Friends Group Logo
The Chiang Mai Friends Group meets every month, while different working groups plan cultural and social activities for members and also work to support community organization. Through meetings, outreach and fund-raising, they offer assistance to members and residents of Chiang Mai. Advice and information are made available through forums, newsletters and electronic media. Dedicated research and development projects are undertaken to help improve life in Chiang Mai, and recent activities have included a resident survey, tree planting programs, talent quests, and forums on such matters as visas, voluntary work, and traveling in Asia.
Link to Chiang Mai Friends Group Website Location: Usually meeting at the River Market, Restaurant

Chiang Mai Hiking Group Chiang Mai Hiking Group
Volunteer lead hikes around Chiang Mai. The hikes are free except for the cost of transportation ie. a contribution to fuel costs when car sharing, or the cost of song taews (red taxis) split between participants. Reports are posted online after each trip.
Link to Chiang Mai Hiking Group Website Location: Various hiking trails

Chiang Mai Photographic Group Chiang Mai Photographic Group Logo
The Chiang Mai Photographic Group aims to further all aspects of the picture taking abilities of its members through the sharing of skills and mutual support in an informal, inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere. All are welcome, regardless of experience – if you want to improve your skills please come along to a meeting and try it out.
Link to Chiang Mai Photographic Group Website Location: Currently meeting at the Airport Greenery Hotel

Chiang Mai Salsa Club Logo
Place for dancers interested in salsa, bachata, merengue, rueda de casino etc. Everyone is welcome from the total beginner to the professional.
Link to Chiang Mai Salsa Club Website Location: Currently meeting at the Glass Room in Zoe in Yellow, 40/12 Ratvithi Rd (just up the road from the UN Irish Pub)

Chiang Mai Toyride Chiang Mai Toyride Logo
The aim of Chiang Mai ToyRide is to bring together motorcyclists of all nationalities in support of children in need living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is achieved by raising money, collecting gifts and other items through charitable motorcycling events. The Chiang Mai ToyRide also contributes to children’s health and welfare needs by providing things such as educational materials and equipment. All types of motorcycles, all riders experienced or not, and even cars and trucks attend the events. Riders may also proceed at their own pace, and regroup at rendezvous points along the route.
Link to Chiang Mai Toyride Website Location: Events arranged around Chiang Mai

Chicky Net Chicky Net Logo
Chicky Net is the expatriates community for (expat) women in Thailand. Here you will find valuable advice and tips by and for expat and local women living here.
Link to Chicky Net Website Location: Various Events

Classic Cars of Lanna Classic Cars of Lanna Logo
Classic Cars of Lanna was founded in 2005 at a meeting of local classic car owners and enthusiasts, held at the Chiengmai Gymkhana Club on 4th December 2005, following on from a very successful Classic Car Weekend held in Chiang Rai the previous month.It is a friendly, informal group of people who love old, classic or antique cars.Members come from all around the world, and speak Thai, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Russian and English. Members own a great variety of cars, some preserved in their original condition, some fully restored and some that, having been rescued, are in the process of being “reborn”.
Link to Classic Cars of Lanna Website Location: Various Events

Informal Northern Thai Group
Informal Northern Thai Group (INTG) meets monthly to discuss various aspects of Thai or Southeast Asia culture. Talk content and discussions are mainly approached from an academic perspective.
Link to Informal Northern Thai Group Website Location: ALLIANCE FRANCAISE, 138 Charoen Prathet Road. Opposite Wat Chaimongkhon

The content of this page is subject to a Website Disclaimer
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