There are many beautiful gardens in and around Chiang Mai. However, they are not as accessible to the visitor as other more prolific attractions such as temples. They also vary in their splendour and appeal depending on the time of year visited and whether they are featuring exhibitions or not. Below is a basic description of some of the more interesting gardens.

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Dokmai Garden Dokmai Garden
Dokmai Garden is a private Chiang Mai botanical garden, providing a gateway to the understanding of the nature and culture of northern Thailand. Biologist Dr Eric Danell and the Thai family Seehamongkol live in this private 4 hectare (10 acres) botanical garden. After your visit you will be better prepared to understand other Thai gardens, local food markets and the nearby national parks, where information and English and scientific names may be scarce. Multilingual information signs with scientific names are placed at points of interest around the garden.
“Dokmai” means flower, and there are over 1000 plant species, but the focus is on all living beings, including birds, fish, butterflies and mushrooms.
Link to Dokmai Garden Website Location: See Map

Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden
The Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden (QSBG) is contoured into the foothills of the mist-shrouded Doi-Suthep-Pui Mountain. It is Thailand’s oldest and foremost botanic garden and a major centre for scientific research. Dedicated to the conservation of Thai flora, it holds collections of, and carries out research on rare, endemic and endangered species. The main focus is on the Northern Thai flora and surrounding regions. The QSBG also has extensive research facilities housing the herbarium, micropropagation laboratories, and library. Species recovery and ex-situ conservation projects include work with endangered native Thai orchids, cycads and palms. In addition, the QSBG protects a large area of the unique tropical deciduous forest with its associated wildlife as a conservation zone.
Link to Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden Website Location: See Map

Ratchaphruek Garden Ratchaphruek Garden
Ratchaphruek Garden is nestled in a lush mountain landscape, of 400 rai (240,000m2) of land which provides an ideal picturesque setting. Not only is the garden itself, with its many plant and flower species, impressive, but also its unique and delicate artwork and architecture, which enriches the minds of its visitors with its seductive natural beauty.
The area was the site for the Royal Flora Expo 2006, the world’s most beautiful international horticultural exposition. The Garden is truly the fruit of this special event. It has been carefully maintained and developed, and is a splendid resource for agrotourism, as well as being a learning and research centre for the public and a meeting-place for farmers to share knowledge.
Link to 2006 Royal Flora Ratchaphruek Website Location: See Map
Link to 2011 Royal Flora Ratchaphruek Website

Tweechol Botanical Garden Tweechol Botanical Garden
Tweechol Botanical Gardens and Zoo is situated on 50 hectares of beautiful land which has been developed to become one of the premier botanical gardens in Thailand. The gardens are part of the Horizon Village Resort. On the property you will find a large variety of imported and indigenous plants. Additionally there is a small zoo with buffalo, camels, and a large number of bird species. There are bicycles and paddle boats for hire, as well as a museum and collection of historical Thai houses.
Link to Tweechol Botanical Garden Website Location: See Map

The content of this page is subject to a Website Disclaimer
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