Baan Phor Liang Meun Terra-cotta Arts Garden

On first discovering this enchanting secret garden the visitor would be excused for assuming that they have stumbled across an abandoned collection of ancient artifacts. There are a vast number of weathered and moss-covered terracotta statues and bas reliefs strewn around the garden. It is in fact an outdoor showroom of various terracotta reproductions replicating the wide-ranging religious art of Southeast Asia. The large and small figures are mostly of the Hindu gods Ganesha and Vishnu as well as of Buddha. There are also singhas and nagas and other icons from Hinduism and Buddhism. Adjacent to this amazing garden is a beautiful teak house, which also houses a showroom and where artisans still carry out sculptures by hand.
The amazing photographs in the gallery are reproduced with kind permission from Ian Ord (photos 1 to 9) from his blog on Where Sidewalks End and Tribal Trappings (photos 10 to 14).
Entrance to Baan Phor Liang Muen
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