Mae Ngat Dam

Situated in the Sri Lanna National Park, The Mae Ngat Dam and Reservoir is one of Chiang Mai’s best kept secrets. This enormous stretch of fresh water was formed when a Dam was built across the Mae Ngat river and flooded the valley. The Mae Ngat Reservoir sits between the Mae Ngat and Mae Taeng forests creating an idyllic spot to relax, swim or to fish. The reservoir has Giant Catfish, Jungle Fish and Indian Carp. Kayaks are also available for hire.

The reservoir has many tributaries and bays along its length and the surrounding forests are a haven for wildlife.

There are several floating houseboats available for rent either for the day or to stay overnight. The accommodation is fairly basic but there is now an electricity supply to most of the houseboats. There are also restaurants where you can order food & drinks. If you want to enjoy the peace and tranquility, try to avoid weekends as this is now becoming a favourite place for many Thai students. Boats are available for hire at the reservoir entrance to take you to the houseboats and the trip takes about 15 minutes.

Mae Ngat Dam
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