Over recent years a large number of adventure activities have arrived in Chiang Mai and some of the most interesting are listed below:

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Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures
Located in the Old City of Chiang Mai, CMRCA offers a full range of services to climbers. They run guided rock climbing and caving courses for all skill levels, as well as offering a wide range of leadership training courses and activities. Their retail outlet sells and rents a large selection of climbing equipment. They also boast one of the largest bouldering walls in Thailand.
Link to Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures Website Location: See Map

Chiang Mai Sky Adventure Sky Adventure
In Chiang Mai’s countryside, summer or winter, the warm and balmy breezes make microlight flying a delight. And what a way to fly! Experience the freedom and feel the wind on your face in a two seat microlight aircraft. Discover a thrilling and uplifting experience.
Link to Sky Adventure Website Location: See Map

Jungle Bungy Jump Jungle Bungy Jump
If you’re looking for that extreme adrenaline rush, nothing quite beats bungy jumping for safety, cost and convenience. Chiang Mai Jungle Bungy is a fully-licensed and insured operation which has been accident-free since opening in 1992. The jump is 50 meters (165 feet) over clear water. You can either jump alone or in tandem with a friend. For an added thrill you have the option of touching the water.
Link to Jungle Bungy Jump Website Location: See Map

Flight of the Gibbon Logo Flight of the Gibbon
This is a unique zip line canopy tour through pristine, 1500 year old rainforest outside of Chiang Mai. 18 platforms, skybridges and lowering stations connect 2km of zip lines that take you through different layers of the rainforest canopy. You zip line easily from tree to tree on a spectacular and gradual downhill course, taking time to linger in your favorite places, soaking up the fragrance, clean air and animal life.
Link to Flight of the Gibbon Website Location: See Map

The content of this page is subject to a Website Disclaimer
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