Chiang Mai Cricket Sixes

Sixes Cricket is a very short form of the sport designed to be played by teams of only six players. Each team receives one innings, with a maximum of only five overs. Naturally, with far fewer fielders, runs are much easier to score, and sixes matches are typically frenetic affairs.

Other major changes to the Laws of Cricket include:

  • Each player on a side is permitted to bowl a maximum of one over.
  • Wides and no balls score 2 extra runs each.
  • If five wickets fall, the last batsman bats on. The last batsman to get out remains on the field as a non-batting runner, and the batsmen swap ends whenever the runner ends up on strike.
  • A batsman who reaches 31 or more runs must retire “not out”. If one of the last pair of batsmen is out, a retired batsman may come in and resume his innings.

(adapted from Wikipedia)

Chiang Mai Cricket Sixes
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Cricket Sixes Logo
What: The Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes is a ‘by-invitation only’ event
When: Every year at the beginning of April
Where: Gymkhana Club
How Much: Entry Fee notified in the Invitation
Gang Green 2011 Team
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