Ultimate Flying Disc (Frisbee)

Ultimate is a non-contact, self-refereed team sport played with a flying disc (“Frisbee” see Note 1). It is played on a football-length field with two end zones; the object of the game is to score points by passing the disc to a player in the opposing end zone, similar to American football. Players may not run with the disc, and must keep a pivot while holding the disc. Men and women often play together, even at the highly competitive levels. Ultimate relies heavily on the Spirit of the Game, which emphasizes honesty, excellent sports-person-ship, and the joy of playing. All players are responsible for upholding the Spirit of the Game.

Note 1
While originally called ultimate frisbee, it is now officially called ultimate in many areas because Frisbee is registered as a trademark, albeit genericized, for the line of discs made by the Wham-O toy company.

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